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Chinese-German Technical Faculty (CDTF)

At the CDTF, Chinese mechanical engineering students enrolled in the Bachelor program are prepared for further studies at Paderborn University. In a preparatory year, they take a German language course comprising of approx. 1,200 hrs. The next two years of study are focused on the basic studies held in Chinese, while already including some of the basic studies offered in German.

Subsequent to this part of their studies in China, 30-40% students of a given year go on to an advanced study program in mechanical engineering at Paderborn University. To transfer from Qingdao to Paderborn, students have to fulfill several prerequisites such as languages abilities and professional/technical qualifications/skills which have to be verified by good grades obtained in the Chinese-German basic studies. Once in Paderborn, the Chinese students complete the regular fifth and sixth subject-related semester of the Bachelor program in mechanical engineering, including industrial training in a German company.

German students can transfer to Qingdao for one semester to get some impressions of Chinese (university) culture. The study program “mb-cn” provides them with basic Chinese skills; in addition, they work as student teaching assistants.

Current events

Faculty members of QUST and CDTF explore Paderborn University

| A group of faculty members of the Qingdao University of Science and Technology just spent several days in Paderborn to exchange experiences. At the QUST, they are responsible for selected teaching, research and administrative tasks. Dr.-Ing. Vera...

Volkswagen in Tianjin and Dalian offer positions interesting for CDTF graduates

| Over the past few years, a great number of graduates from the cooperation of the universities Qingdao and Paderborn found employment at Volkswagen following the completion of their Bachelor’s or Master’s program in Mechanical Engineering. Currently,...

Association of Chines students has new leadership

| As of April 2017, JIN Fangyi (photo on the right) now heads the “Association of Chinese students in Paderborn”. She already signed partly responsible for the successful spring festival at the Kulturwerkstatt and for a trip to a flower park....

Modern automotive in Kassel and medieval history in Warburg …

| ... those were the two highlights of a full-day excursion for CDTF students to North Hesse and Southeast Westphalia during the non-lecture period. The group, headed by Dr. Josef Noeke, visited two assembly lines in the pressing plant and gear...

Writing excellent texts using WORD

| A written application and student works in general have to be convincing in any case and must convey a positive impression at first sight. A recent seminar offered by Karina Rohlfing addressed just how to generate such texts.

CDTF students preparing for the application process for an industrial internship

| What is important in phone interviews for an internship application? What types of questions may I expect in a job interview? What is a good way to prepare for the application process? These were among the questions CDTF students addressed in small...

Colorful program to celebrate the Chinese New Year at the brink of the “Year of the Rooster”

| Once again, the “Association of Chinese students in Paderborn”, headed by Fu Shihao, with local support organized a respectable spring festival. The festival took place at the Kulturwerkstatt, Bahnhofstrasse in Paderborn and was sold out. Chinese and...

Mechanical Engineering – Master’s degree from Germany … and then what?

| A Bachelor degree from Paderborn University and a follow-up Master’s program successfully completed in Germany provide a great many former CDTF students with excellent career opportunities in the growing Chinese automobile market. Recently, Prof....

Meeting of international students at Paderborn’s historic city hall

| Following a long-standing tradition, shortly after the beginning of the winter semester international students are invited by the mayor of Paderborn to a meeting a Paderborn's historic city hall. The building was designed in the Weser Renaissance...

More successful graduates of highly demanded Master’s program “Mechanical Engineering China (mb-cn)”

| Upon completion of this year's four-week long summer school at the Chinese partner faculty CDTF in Qingdao, eleven German Master's students joined the mb-cn program and talked about the highlights of their stay at the Yellow Sea including first...

Experts of Chinese railway are interested in the Mechanical Engineering study program in Qingdao and Paderborn

| On their educational tour through Germany, around fifty executives of China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation Limited (CRRC), China’s largest manufacturer of rail vehicles and one of the world’s largest companies stopped at Paderborn University. Shen...

Top-performing CDTF students honored with DAAD stipends

| This year, the DAAD stipends for top-performing CDTF students were granted during the summer school closing ceremony for their younger fellow students from Qingdao. Five Chinese students enrolled in the Mechanical Engineering Bachelor’s program at...

Summer school 2016 – an intensive language course with accompanying cultural program in Paderborn

| At the CDTF, they studied German intensively for one academic year. Following a multi-level selection process, twenty mechanical engineering students from Qingdao with excellent language skills accepted an invitation to a DAAD-funded summer school in...

Communication training amongst Golf, Carrera and Bugatti

| What’s a better place for communication training in automotive engineering than the VW Autostadt in Wolfsburg? CDTF and other foreign students of the course Technical German for foreign students took a trip to the Autostadt…

Preparing for the semester abroad in the ´Middle Kingdom´

| At the end of August, they will be packing their suitcases for a six-months stay in Qingdao at the Yellow Sea. At a preparatory seminar, they were told about their stay at the CDTF, the partner faculty of the Mechanical Engineering department at...


Dr.-Ing. Vera Denzer

Konstruktions- und Antriebstechnik

Vera Denzer
+49 5251 60-2229
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Office hours:

Tue, 1:00 2:00 pm

Dr. Josef Noeke

Partikelverfahrenstechnik (PVT)

Josef Noeke
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