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Volkswagen in Tianjin and Dalian offer positions interesting for CDTF graduates

| Over the past few years, a great number of graduates from the cooperation of the universities Qingdao and Paderborn found employment at Volkswagen following the completion of their Bachelor’s or Master’s program in Mechanical Engineering. Currently,...

Exchanging experiences in a relaxed setting at the "Paderborn Corner"

| One late afternoon this summer, a number of CDTF students met at the Grill-Café with their advisors for the first “Paderborner Ecke” to talk about their experiences and get to know each other.

Why are there blue, yellow, grey and green trash cans in the streets of Paderborn?

| Participants of this semester’s course “Technical German for foreign students” wanted to find out. Mechthild Hoppmeier (photo left in the back) gave an overview of the diverse communal waste management concepts for municipal waste in the city of...

CDTF students present cultural specialties from the Middle Kingdom

| Once again, Chinese culture was one of the highlights of this year’s intercultural week at Paderborn University. The numerous conversations between CDTF students and visitors ranged from Confucius to Kung Fu and the well-known delicious Chinese food....

What types of questions should CDTF students expect in a job interview?

| The invitation to a job interview is an important step in the selection process for a training placement in a mechanical engineering company. In the second part of the job application training, CDTF students and their fellow students received advice...

Course “Technical German” explores possibilities of theater engineering

| During a tour of the Paderborn Theater, CDTF students and their fellow students of the course ”Technical German” learned about the technology deployed in a theater. Behind the scene, costumes are tailored based on drafts of the costume designer; wigs...

Small groups work out criteria to write a successful application for an industrial training placement

| The presentation of one’s technical knowledge and soft skills in the application for the mandatory training placement is an important competence in the major of the study program mechanical engineering at Paderborn University. In a seminar for CDTF...

Communications training in the midst of bicycles, tubes and tools

| Instead of talking about bicycle technique and repair of individual bike parts and components using PowerPoint slides and exercise sheets, CDTF students and their fellow students enrolled in Technical German visited the AstA Bike Shop.

CDTF students participating in the Winter School in Paderborn

| Once again, a group of CDTF students participated in an intensive language course at the Sprachwerkstatt in their semester break.

Mayor Michael Dreier invites international students to Paderborn’s parlor

| Once again, a large group of CDTF students attended the reception for international students in the historic City Hall.

Springs of the Pader, Three-Hares window, peacock and anecdotes

| On a sunny fall day, Karina Rohlfing took a group of new CDTF students on a tour of Paderborn incl. a quiz, showing them beautiful places and cultural peculiarites in the city center. With the help of a model of the city center, located at the Kamp,...

Industrial representatives are interested in the Chinese-German education of engineers in Qingdao and Paderborn

| During a tour of the Direct Manufacturing Research Center (DMRC) guided by director Dr.-Ing. Eric Klemp, twenty-five high-ranking business leaders/executives of Chinese industrial firms and research institutions expressed their interest in a...

Introduction helps CDTF students start their studies in Paderborn

| The new students from Qingdao participated in an entry seminar designed specifically for them before continuing their mechanical engineering studies at Paderborn University in the winter semester.

New CDTF students arrive in Paderborn

| A new group of students from Qingdao arrived in Paderborn a few days ago – just in time for the new DSH courses starting in the winter semester 2015/16. Thanks to the dedicated support of the „Association of Chinese students“, the new arrivals...

Experts from the registrar’s office find many similarities in the university administration

| Tina Batzer and Cordula Kaup (photo on the left) discovered many parallels when talking with their colleague Professor Zheng Deqia...

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