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Chocolate Museum Cologne, Rhine and Cologne Cathedral

Twenty CDTF students visited Cologne, a metropolis on the Rhine as part of their intensive language course at Paderborn University this summer.

After a quick stop at the Cathedral, they crossed the cathedral square and headed along the Rhine towards the Chocolate Museum Cologne. There, they learned about growing cocoa and how it came to Europe from South America. The tour guide explained the machines on display and the process of making chocolate – from roasting cocoa beans in a roasting machine to conching the liquid chocolate.

Upon having taken a close look at the displays and exhibits, the group got a taste of roasted cocoa beans and the flavor of chocolate before the addition of sugar, cocoa butter and powdered milk.

In the afternoon, the students had sufficient time to visit the Cathedral, take a walk through downtown or climb the 533 steps to get up to the south tower of the Cathedral to get a view of Cologne.

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