In­dus­tri­al train­ing

Industrial training of at least 12 weeks at a German company is an important part the Bachelor’s program in Mechanical Engineering.

In addition to acquiring technical knowledge, you will become acquainted with structures and processes of companies.

You will also improve your German language skills through contact with other employees.

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Good technical skills, a good command of German and a convincing personal application improve your chances to quickly find a placement for industrial training. As part of the communication training, we support you in composing a good written application and in preparing for the job interview.
Students write a report during their industrial training which, in conjunction with the certificate of training is proof for the successful completion of the industrial training; it has to be handed in

Praktikantenamt der Fakultät für Maschinenbau.

The certificate of trainin

is issued by the supervising company. /fileadmin/cdtf/dokumente/download/Praktikumsbescheinigung.pdf

>>> Download Praktikumsbescheinigung

The report

serves as an exercise in the presentation of technical concepts. It includes the description of the intern’s work, observations and findings.

The report is to be written concisely, including layouts and schematics, and shall comprise no more than one to two DIN A4 pages per week of training. The company supervisor signs, dates and stamps the report.

"Over time, I asked more and…

"Over time, I asked more and more questions about the products and process; they were always answered. I really liked that."

"I was involved with…

"I was involved with alternative materials and geometries of a heat exchanger."

"Now I know how a German…

"Now I know how a German company works; I hadn't imagined it to be so differenciated and multifaceted."