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Current job offers

As an international faculty of Qingdao University of Science and Technologie (QUST),  the Chinese-German Technical Faculty (CDTF) offers the following job and study opportunities:

  • Students enrolled in higher semesters of Mechanical Engineering/Industrial Engineering at Paderborn University can complete a semester at the CDTF. They write their student research project and supervise Chinese students in German-language courses. In addition, they participate in a Chinese language course.

    Details: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bo Jianquan

    For additional information see: download "Auslandssemester in Qingdao".
    For details about the specific Master’s program Mechanical Engineering („mb-cn“) see:

    Elements of this China-related study program include: a four-week summer school as a start, a semester abroad at the CDTF including a student research paper, tutorial and Chinese language course as well as a Master’s thesis in German company in China.
  • Trainees of “German as a foreign language” who are interested in gaining their own teaching experience in e.g. TestDaF preparatory courses or in beginners courses.
  • In addition, the CDTF is looking for instructors of „German as a foreign language“. For further details see this Stellenausschreibung.

    Contact: Frau Zhu Hongyu,
                   head of the CDTF Language Center

  • Through funding by the provincial government Shandong, the CDTF offers foreign emeritus professors and retired experts (e.g. management staff) from abroad temporary teaching assignments on the following terms::
    • Younger than 65 yrs. of age.
    • Teaching assignment for 9 months per year.
    • Overall period of assignment three years.
    • Support with entry and departure, permit of residence, health insurance, and housing.
    • Salary for foreign experts by special arrangements
      • One million Yuan as a one-time benefit,
      • Three to five million Yuan as research funds.

    Details: Prof. Guo Aicheng;
                  AInternational Office at the Chinese-German Technical Faculty

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