Study pro­gram

Of­fers for Chinese stu­dents

The CDTF prepares Chinese students of engineering and natural sciences for their subsequent study program at universities in Germany in language and subject-related matters. Currently, the following study programs are offered:

  • Mechanical Engineering
    (Paderborn University, University of Applied Science Koblenz)
  • Chemistry
    (Paderborn University)
  • Electrical Engineering
    (University of Siegen)
  • Measuring and Sensor Technology
    (University of Applied Science Koblenz)

Of­fers for Ger­man stu­dents

German students can transfer to Qingdao for a semester abroad and gain an insight into Chinese (university) culture; generally, they write their student research paper under the supervision of a Chinese German-speaking professor. In addition, they work as student teaching assistants and learn the basics of the Chinese language. More >>>

As of winter semester 2012/13, the major „mb-cn“ is offered to German students enrolled in the Master’s programs Mechanical Engineering and Economic Engineering including the following components:

  • Summer school in September in Qingdao
    (language and culture)
  • Semester abroad at the CDTF
    (tutoring Chinese students, Chinese language, student research project)
  • Master’s thesis in a German partner company at their Chinese branch

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Of­fer for Ph. D. stu­dents

mb-cn students spend their third semester (winter semester) at the CDTF to write their student research paper. We are always looking for Ph. D. students to supervise these papers.